• wants to control everything and everyone,

• especially other people 🙂

• takes everything as a real danger,

• cannot distinguish between a real and an imaginary threat,

• blocks your body and feelings, also those „positive”,

• makes you exhausted from a never-ending „to-do list”,

• often causes physical symptoms like headaches, migraines, insomnia, back pain, muscle pain, intestine problems, ulcers, etc.


• controls only what you can control, mostly you 🙂

• and what’s really important in your life,

• takes responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, and actions,

• helps you organize your life in order to achieve your goals and dreams,

• protects you from all the life dangers: physical, emotional, social, health, financial…

• shows up whenever the real danger comes and disappears immediately when the danger disappears,

• is neutral and focused on its task: protection, no drama involved,

• trusts you and others,

• is your most reliable and effective Protector 🙂

The ability to differentiate between the immature and the mature Controller is crucial in your life.

Check out how often your immature Controller takes control over you.

That’s the first step to dismantling it.

The second is to activate the mature Controller.

Everyone has it 🙂 You too.

So start focusing on controlling = consciously choosing your thoughts and actions.

And withdrawn control over other people. I know, not easy 🙂

Small steps and you’ll see that the world will still spin without you.

Sorry Controller 🙂

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