The Immature Saboteur:
• will do everything to prevent and block any change in your life,
• positive change, negative change, big or small – ANY CHANGE,
• because it wants to protect you from rejection, loss, failure,
• gives you immediate relief and gratification,
• controls you by fear, stress, anxiety,
• reminds you of any past mistakes and any possible risks,
• works invisibly and that’s why is so effective,
• often you confused it with intuition and the voice of your heart,
• our first big Saboteurs are our parents who want to keep us safe,
• sounds very rational and convicting,
• but from the longer perspective makes you weak, and small, and disempowers you,
• the more talented, bright, creative, strong… you are, the stronger your Saboteur 🙂

• wants you to shine in the world, be yourself, be happy,
• will do everything to hold you on your Path,
• often doesn’t give you immediate gratification,
• often gives you hard times like depression, crisis, loss of a job or a relationship, an illness – to wake you up,
• is interested in empowering you, not necessarily in your comfort 🙂
• sends you the right teacher, friends, strangers, therapists, books… as a message,
• speaks calmly, shortly, and right to the point,
• doesn’t give you fear but your mind can create
fear as a reaction to its guidance,
• never ever talks you down or diminishes you,
• guides you continuously and tirelessly.

Start to recognize your mature and immature Saboteur.

Every time you hear the immature one – tell yourself: I’m sabotaging myself.

Every time you hear your mature Saboteur – trust it and follow it!

So many times we ask for guidance for us, especially in difficult moments. You can get it for yourself any time you want.

Just ask the mature Saboteur: what is best for me in this situation?

And then – follow it. That’s the most difficult part sometimes 🙂

💗 Mariola

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