1. The concept of the special relationship comes from the belief that there is one and only one person in the whole world, born especially to meet me, who is a perfect partner to me and with whom I can create a perfect relationship – almost effortlessly.
  2. Then my only task in life is to find this perfect person!
    Because once I have found them, everything will be like „they lived happily ever after”.
  3. To find a perfect partner means to reject other potential partners.
    Finally, it’s about rejecting everyone because no one will be able to meet my expectations of „the perfect half”.
  4. How do I recognize my perfect partner? It’s easy, there won’t be any difficulties, conflicts, or crises between us. So as soon as the first troubles arise – I’ll disappear, convinced that „it was not THAT”.
  5. Moreover, the perfect partner and the special relationship should satisfy all my needs and desires. So I’ll give away all the responsibility for my well-being and even my life to my partner and then I’ll wait to see how it works.

But whenever I won’t feel amazing and my life won’t be as wonderful as I thought, I will be disappointed, frustrated, and angry because they failed and they don’t deserve my love.

  1. So again, I’ll be waiting for my perfect partner until they show up in my life and change it into a beautiful fairy tale as it should be.

Are you waiting for your „perfect half”?

The example above is extreme but we’re acting from unconscious not rational patterns.

Examine – honestly – your unspoken expectations and reactions.

And please:

don’t waste your time and energy – your life – for ego’s stories.

Take 100% responsibility for yourself in a relationship.

Give first what you expect from your partner.

And engage fully to create a wonderful, deep, loving relationship.

Only then, you’ll know for sure if this is IT 🙂


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