Have you ever said to yourself:
“I give up”.

“I’ve tried everything.”

“It will never change.”

„I’ve lost hope…”

This is the Saboteur in you again.
But I need to tell you this:

Hey, I understand you.
I’ve been in this place a thousand times myself.


Only when you quit, you actually lose.

This means that maybe you will need
another 3 months, half a year, a year, ten years …
to achieve what you want to achieve.

To change what you need to change.

And if I’ll tell you that your reward
is not achieving the goal,
but your inner transformation:

WHO YOU WILL BECOME on the way to your goal.

When you show up in the game
and stay till the end, you’ll become a freer, more joyful and peaceful, stronger, loving person.

This is unavoidable.

This is your Path to Perfection.

And this is your real reward.

Your problem or goal serves you
as an activator to start this journey.

To learn who you really are
and who you can become in this life.

We can thank your problem now
for forcing you to start this work on yourself.

Becoming the best version of you.

Everything else is just decoration.
And everything else serves only
to become a free, happy, peaceful, loving person 🙂

So what are you going to do now?

I’m going to wait here for you tomorrow to continue the work.

? Mariola

Ps. If you need my personal support
on this Journey, I’ll be honored to accompany you along.

This is my path to Perfection 🙂

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