The Saboteur says: “I’m afraid…”

Of course!

It is understandable and normal to feel anxious, fearful, and stressed when:

• you want to do something new that you have never done before,

• you take risks, and there will be some costs to pay,

• you are entering the unknown and unpredictable in your life,

• you go beyond your comfort zone,

• you do not know if it is for you or if you can do it …

And at the same time,

these are the situations where you GROW, LEARN, and EVOLVE the most!

You activate your strength, creativity, and talents that you did not even suspect you had 🙂

Reading books and doing courses, even the best ones, won’t give you that experience.

it’s not worth it, it will not work, you are too small for it, what will others say, you have already tried and it did not work …

The Inner Saboteur is the voice that will ALWAYS tell you:

The Saboteur does NOT want your power, growth, freedom, and fulfillment.

The Saboteur wants it to be as it is = safe and the old way.

Fear is his greatest ally.

Question for you:

Write at least two replies in the comment.

What would become possible for you if you were not driven by fear?

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