• I still need to do another course, obtain another certificate, do postgraduate studies, read more books … to start my own business, apply for a higher position, change my job;

• I have to lose weight, learn to set boundaries, start earning more, and buy my own apartment … to start dating;

I need to start working on myself, finish things at work, go on holiday, save money … start therapy, coaching, counseling, treatment …

I have to take up a mastermind, rent an office and arrange it beautifully, complete my website, print new business cards, and finish my book, and e-book … I need to reach out to clients and finally start working with them …

Do you recognize it?

How it works in life:

You wait, postpone, excuse yourself, invent new obstacles or take life situations as a sign that you cannot start now.

And time goes by.
And you are getting – sorry to say – older and older.

The fear is growing. Motivation is going down.

Frustration, anger, and comparing yourself to others – start dominating your life.

My perspective:

You make a detour instead of taking the shortest way to your goal, because …
you are blocked by some difficult emotions.

What kind of emotions? Fear of failure, risk, leaving your comfort zone, uncertainty of your own value, shame that you want more, feeling guilty towards others, willingness to please everyone around you…

If you do something for the first time never,

Your willingness, experience, confidence, and trust … will build up while you are working.

There is no other way.

It is not the best of the best prepared who win in life,
but those who act despite fear and lack of ideal conditions.

Have a nice weekend,
? Mariola

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