•to be in a relationship

• to run your own business

• to do a job you love

• to raise your own child

• to grow and evolve

• to make your dreams come true …

Let’s see how it works most often in life:

Situation: there is a problem.

Thoughts: it should be easy, but it isn’t!

Feelings: disappointment.

Action evoked by this feeling: withdrawal, resignation.

Results: searching for something different, new, and exciting.

What will your Saboteur say then:

That wasn’t „it”.

It’s not for me.

It was a sign from the Universe not to do it.

Positive thinking does NOT mean:

• “I don’t expect any problems or obstacles”.

• „I’m a good person, so nothing bad can happen to me”.

• “I don’t allow any negative feelings or thoughts”.
This is not positive thinking, but denial.

Denial is a defense mechanism of the psyche to protect and maintain a positive image of oneself and one’s situation, no matter what’s actually happening.

Denial makes me vulnerable and dependent.

Positive thinking means:
• “I focus on what I can do and let go of what I cannot”.

• „I’m looking for solutions instead of analyzing problems endlessly”.

• „I’ll do everything I can to deal with this situation.”

Choose your thoughts wisely.

I can help you distinguish the voice of the inner Saboteur and the voice of the mature Adult in you.

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