The Saboteur says: “There’s no spectacular success…”

The Saboteur says: there’s no spectacular success…

  • you should ALREADY have seen huge changes,
  • preferably right after starting and without much effort,
  • or you should have radical changes in all important areas of your life – at once,
  • or you will do something that you’ve never done before – faster, easier, better, even than those who have done it all their lives,
  • you should be able to do it right away without learning,
  • like building a loving, deep and lifelong relationship within a month,
  • or develop a career to an expert level or build a brand within a year,
  • and never have any problems in this area again,
  • I expected a jump from 0% to 100%, instead of going through a slow process…

Can you recognize your Saboteur in this?

The greatest and fastest results you’ve ever achieved in your life were during your first few years as a child when you learned to walk, speak, eat independently, dress, read and build relationships.

Starting from scratch. Without any previous experience and training.
While having fun at the same time 🙂

You didn’t tell yourself then: “I have no spectacular successes”, but every day, consistently, tirelessly, with full commitment and without expectations, you kept repeating the same activities over and over again. Until you succeeded.

You still have this part in you that has a tremendous curiosity and a big appetite for learning new things, experimenting, and… trusting in your success.

This is what we’re born with and without it we wouldn’t survive in the world.

When you start new things today, do you go into it with as much determination, joy, and confidence as when you were a child?

Or – under the guise of rationality and life experience – you negate your possibilities, impose on yourself heavy expectations, criticize yourself for the first difficulties … and give up right after you have started?

What would you say to your child who would approach learning to walk or speak this way?

Can you imagine any parents telling their child: “if you don’t learn to walk, talk, or eat by this deadline, then it’s over – you won’t walk, talk, or eat for the rest of your life” 🙂

My advice is to activate the loving Parent in you and allow yourself to do and learn new things without judgment, without the pressure of quick results, and without giving up at any difficulty.

Give your inner Child the necessary freedom, patience and trust.

Let him/her have fun and enjoy the way.

And I can promise you: your results will exceed your wildest expectations 🙂

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