Are you still looking for your place in life?

Literally – where do you want to live, how, with whom?

What work do you want to do, what is your calling?

And symbolically – what is the deeper meaning of your life?

Do you love being on the move, traveling, changing, trying new things, and meeting new people?

Or at least “traveling” in the world of ideas, getting to know and learn new theories, approaches, and perspectives?

You love changes, But you may also feel like:
“I don’t know what I want”,
“I just spin around without a direction”,
“I jump from one idea to another, and I cannot stay long anywhere” …


you’ll learn how to use the Seeker’s strengths and talents to build your beautiful and fulfilled life.


  1. Who is the Seeker?
  2. What is your greatest fear?
  3. How the journey begins.
  4. What are you really looking for?
  5. The Immature Seeker.
  6. Why can’t they find anything?
  7. How to switch from the Immature to the Mature Seeker.
  8. Q&A: how will you know you are getting involved?

? Have a lovely weekend and further exploration

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