The Universe listens to us all the time !

– Genro could you share a story from your life, when you strongly felt that the whole Universe wanted you to succeed? Like everything around conspired to make you accomplish whatever you were doing?

– I believe that it happens all the time.  For all of us…

Grover Genro Gauntt is a zen master and a peacemaker.

A close friend of the Indians of the Lakota tribe.

He leads street retreats, where for a week you live like a homeless person on the street, in cities all over the world, such as NYC, Rio de Janeiro, London, Zurich…

Every year since 1996 he has co-lead the International Bearing Witness Retreat in Auschwitz Birkenau. He also co-led the Bearing Witness Retreat in Kigali, Rwanda and in the Lakota reservation in South Dakota.

He is a father of two sons and has ten grandchildren 🙂

In our talk he shares about:

  • what is his daily practice
  • what is most often the source of our anxiety
  • how to make the most important life decisions
  • how he sees the condition of the contemporary world

A warning: by listening Genro you’ll feel calmer, lighter and slower. Always recommended, especially in difficult moments.

And if you’d like to contact Genro, write to me, I’m going to be a contact box.

You’ll also find him through: Hudson River Zen Center