We are all traumatized…

An interview with a special guest: Roland Wegmüller from Switzerland

I started this series of interview with an intention to learn from people who follow their heart in their life and – at the same time – remain grounded and act in our world.

My guest today is a great example of that. Roland together with his wife Barbara (you can read about her HERE) have raised five children. For over thirty years he’s been working as a medical doctor and a homeopath. He is also a Zen master and a Peacemaker.

In the video you’ll find:

  • what was his spiritual path, including studying African rituals
  • how his near-death experience has shaped his life
  • what advice he’d give to himself
  • how he makes decisions in his life
  • what the healing process is from his perspective

and more.

And if you would like to contact Roland, you can find him here: http://www.peacemaker.ch

Enjoy the video 🙂