What Do You Need To Do To Have The Results You Want

The first thing I teach in coaching is that you have to believe you can achieve your goal.

It’s about getting out of helplessness.

So stop repeating to yourself:

“I don’t know how to do this”,

“I’m not good at this”,

„I’ve already tried and it didn’t work”,

“I’ll try and see what comes up”,

“I don’t want to fail” …

And replace that thinking by:

“I’ll do everything necessary to achieve it”,

“I give myself as much time as needed”,

„They’re infinitely ways to reach my goal”,

“Others have succeeded, so I can do it too”,

„I’m fully committed and focused and I won’t allow getting distracted “,

„I’m ready to make mistakes and open to learning new skills “,

“I’m afraid and it’s ok to feel fear, it’s because I’m doing something new and – I’m going to do it anyway”,

“I will work every day in the direction of this goal”,

“I deserve these results and I want to give them to myself …”

Why is your belief super important?

Because you show up in your life every day and you act differently,

when you believe or when you don’t believe in your success.

When I don’t believe that I can achieve my goal then:

  1. I’ll act with 30% commitment instead of 100%,
  2. I’ll treat all difficulties on my way as proof that I cannot succeed and I have to stop,
  3. I’ll avoid every effort and investment – requiring time, finances, emotions, etc.

And what will be the result of such action?

Maybe 30%.

Or none.

Self-fulfilling prophecy…

Question for you:

why can’t you believe that you CAN have the results you want?

Write your answer in the comments.





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