I used to think that the Universe only works in a big huge format. So if I need money, I win the lotto. If I’m looking for a job, someone will call me with a super lucrative offer. If I’m looking for a partner, we find ourselves “by accident” and from then on everything becomes simple … Generally, a lot of my expectations for the Universe were related to waiting and answering the phones 🙂 And today I can confirm that the Universe actually works in a large format! There have been such miracles in my life, literally, many times. Although so far I haven’t won in lotto 🙂

Years later, I realized that the Universe uses many different ways to support me and give me what I need. In addition to great and spectacular interventions (point 1), it also operates on a micro-scale. So I’m sick and I can easily find the right doctor who gives me the best medicine for me. I feel discouraged and think about dropping an important project for me, and here I get unexpected support from several different sources at the same time. I’m ready for personal development and “by accident” I come across a teacher who leads me much further than I would ever expect. I have an important job interview and I’m not late because suddenly someone is freeing me a parking space. I want to make myself happy and buy something extra, and in the store it turns out that only on this day do they have a 50% discount … These smaller and larger “nice accidents” bring lightness and joy to our everyday life and at the same time give it the right direction. It’s important that you do your part and, for example, show up at this job interview.

Sometimes the Universe supports us the most when it tells us no! Like a Loving Parent, it sets us limits. No, not this job. No, not this apartment. No, not this road. No, not this way of doing business. Or even – no, not this partner for life. Of course, we don’t like it because we often live in our fantasies and we don’t want anyone to destroy them. And we don’t like to wait, even for the best. Note that the more you trust the Universe, the less you need to control. And the more you need to control, the more you operate in survival mode, so out of fear.

Sometimes it also happens that the Universe reveals its power in our lives and turns it “upside-down”. It causes a crisis or “dark night of the ego” (although it is called “the soul”). It could be a divorce. Serious illness or accident. Nervous breakdown. Or a combination of many different factors at the same time. Have you ever thought that your burnout or bankruptcy could have had such meaning? That the Universe must have shaken you so that you would finally change something? The Universe will use all possible ways for you to live the best life. Every crisis is both a threat and an opportunity for our development. It can release our greatest potential and our deepest fears and resistances. And the Universe is always by your side. Just as close when you are in the flow of life as when you are in the middle of the darkest night. The best you can do then is to surrender to this process, not fight it or try to avoid it and ask the Universe for help.

And how is it in your life?

Recall a few – smaller, larger and massive interventions – situations in which the Universe revealed itself in your life.

And share in the comment.

Many miracles for you this week and until next time,


Ps. Please remember: The Universe Wants You To Succeed!

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