What is your calling…

If even four years ago someone had told me that I would have been recording videos and sharing my point of view and personal experiences and then publishing it every week, in Polish and in English, my reaction would have been: LOLLOLLOLLOL… But inside I would have felt paralyzed only by such a thought. I, a typical introvert, someone for whom speaking English, especially publicly, activated big fear. Years have passed and this is… what it is now. I’m not saying that being in front of the camera is easy to me and moreover that I feel at ease speaking English publicly. I don’t and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be. But just recently I’ve started feeling pleasure in sharing with you my weekly blog. Sharing about our life challenges and joys is a part of my calling.

A calling is something much bigger than being a doctor, an artist, a teacher, a hairdresser, an entrepreneur or even a parent. It’s about who you become thanks to that job. If you follow your calling you will become a better doctor, hairdresser… And even better, wiser, more attentive. Up to the point where the core of your job is to open the hearts of other people. Your calling is always about CONNECTION: to yourself, your life, others and everything that is.

The Universe has a much greater plan for you than you’ll ever be able to imagine. And no, you cannot plan it 🙂 You calling goes much deeper and further than your job or carrier. But you have to join the game. You have to make an effort. Fulfilling your potential is not like a Friday party. It’s not about focusing only on what comes easily in our life. Sorry if you didn’t want to hear that. There is a job to do. And there is a reward for that.

The Universe will never tell you: “Sorry, but you’ve just missed your last chance. You’ve reached your limit. I have nothing else for you”. As long as you stay open the Universe will keep sending you new opportunities, chances and occasions.

So don’t think that if your life now is mostly a struggle that this means there is something wrong with you. Because others don’t have it. We all struggle. And we all have a job to do. In the coming week I’m going to talk about WHAT IT MEANS TO SAY YES TO YOUR LIFE. In other words to show up “in the game”.

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In today’s video about how I understand calling, how it shows up in your life and what is the reward.

Enjoy watching and see you next week.