What it means to say yes to your life

Hello 🙂

Last week I was sharing my perspective on what a calling is and our potential (see here). So this post is a natural continuation of the previous topic.

I love what Robert Ohotto says about our calling: You don’t have to find your calling. It will find you. But then you need to play your part and say YES. So what does that mean? I have four ideas to share today.

1. Be present
So obvious and so rare at the same time. It means that you are not in some thoughts of what your life is but you experience your life as it is. It requires letting go of the willingness to control everything, especially other people. It also means re-learn (we all know it as children) how to be „here and now”. Basically, it’s about trusting life and staying open to whatever will show up. And then trusting that you’ll be able to make the best of it. Otherwise, you are disconnected from yourself, others and your life. You hide in a cocoon of your own thoughts or in a virtual reality. It’s not nourishing and it’s not sustainable because it’s not real.

2. Own your life
Take full responsibility for your life. You are a co-creator. It takes wisdom and humility to understand what you can and what you cannot do in your own life. In other words, where the limits of your own power are. There are certain things that you are fully in charge of: your thoughts, feelings and emotions, the stories you tell (your words), actions you take or not, your reactions, your part in any relationship and also all the patterns and circumstances you’ve inherited. Even if you haven’t created them yourself, as long as they have any impact in your life, you need to take care of them.

3. Honor the timing
Acknowledging and accepting that there are different stages in your life. For working and resting. For joy and sadness. For being lost and for gaining clarity. For creating and for destroying. For being on your own and for sharing your time and energy with others. For ups and downs. For giving and for receiving. For growing and for aging. And one stage is not better or worse than another, even though we may experience them as easy or difficult. Like nature, we live in circles and if you don’t want to follow that you violate one of the major laws of life. And you will have to face the consequences of that.

4. Don’t exclude anything
The real power is the ability to use all the elements of your life. Its advantages and disadvantages. The difficulties and obstacles on your way as much as the chances and possibilities you have. Whenever you exclude some part of your life you exclude the power that also lays there. That principle includes also all the parts of yourself. So, your shadow (unconscious) and your light (conscious) part. Your strengths and your weaknesses. Your successes and your failures. The parts you like in yourself and those you don’t. Your future as much as your past.


So, to conclude I have a few questions for you:

Where do you spend your life? In real time and space or in some alternative reality?

Can you accept the fact that you don’t have total control over your life? You’ve never had it and you never will? But still, can you play your role fully?

Can you appreciate your life? What does that mean to you?


I’m going to be with these questions during this weekend.

And there will be part 2 of this topic 🙂

Have a nice time and till next week.

Lots of love,