Who is in charge of your life? About tension between work and private life

Hi 🙂

today about our inner Controller, Perfectionist, and Servant and how they can create stress, tension and imbalance in our work-life relation. I’m talking about them on specific examples.


  • what are inner patterns,
  • how they arise,
  • what is their function,
  • how can we work with them
  • and their examples.

All of that as an introductory to the coming Free Webinar: Tension between Work and Private Life, next Wednesday, 26 June, at 7 pm – 8 pm CET.

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It will be energetic because our patterns manage our inner power and our self-esteem.

It will be practical – on specific examples from my practice.

I’m going to share many bits of advice and tools, including tools to reduce a sense of guilt.

All of that, as usual, in the perspective of The Universe Wants You To Succeed! so with love and appreciation for ourselves and our lives. I invite you warmly for this webinar.

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Today is the first day of Summer so I’m sending you my love and sunny greetings!

Have a beautiful weekend and see you live next Wednesday if you intend to attend my webinar,


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