Feelings & emotions are our psychic immune system – they tell you immediately what’s going on in you and around you.

The major function of your feelings and emotions is to protect you in any possible situation.

Every feeling & emotion has its healthy (mature) and toxic or unhealthy (immature) version.

Healthy versions will always protect and strengthen you.
Toxic versions will weaken you and disrupt your relationships with others.

Born as a human being you ALREADY have them both – mature & immature – feelings in a package 🙂

You cannot get rid of any feeling or emotion from your psyche.

The evolution process is always about replacing unhealthy (immature) feelings with more healthy and mature ones.

The mature feelings lead to mature and positive actions.

The immature – to destructive and harmful actions.

The mature feelings and emotions are your gateway to other people, to universal wisdom and compassion.

Ultimately to feel one with all that is.

Your feelings and emotions are your energy, your vibrations, your drive and your passion.

Or your vicious circle of suffering and loneliness.

You can learn how to switch from toxic to healthy emotions.

This is one of the most powerful skills you can gain in your life. I can help you with that 🙂

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