You can’t plan love BUT you can open yourself and prepare for it

today will be quite personal, but we have known each other already a bit, right? About my relationship, not a perfect one, not „from Instagram”. But real, happy and intimate. And specifically about the way to this relation which hasn’t been so straight, quick and easy. Actually, it was quite winding, uncertain and risky 🙂 But it was worth it! And I wish you the same.

It’s worthy to give yourself fully to something you really desire.

I’m very curious how it’s in your life. Share with me your story or write a comment or questions. Or send me an email. Let’s talk here.

Polish version HERE, if you prefer 🙂

Ps. My husband didn’t authorize this post, but knows about its content. More or less 🙂 I’m curious if he’ll watch the video??