You’re further than you think…

Hi Miracle Worker 💛

How do you do?

Wow, it was a holiday full of unexpected trips and events!
It was also a time for holidays IG and FB live, broadcast from very different places 🙂 and in very different conditions 🙂 These video recordings are available for you on my FB page The Universe Wants You To Succeed (click HERE).

There you’ll find a new perspective on yourself and your life regarding:
❤️ love relationships,
💫 dealing with fear,
💫 owning your power,
💫 loving your body,
💫 creating miracles in your life,
💫 raising your energy,
💫 healing your emotional wounds.

= new possibilities, new solutions, new energy and motivation to take actions and start significant changes!

💛 💛 💛
During the summertime I “reset myself” psychologically and physically and thanks to that I manage to let go of the old and find the courage to reach for the new, awaited and dreamed. How do I get to this?

My plan consists of these elements:

1. perform the necessary duties SLOWLY

2. sleep enough

3. not-doing-anything (super important!)

4. doing what I like (reading, being in nature, meditating)

5. being with cool people

6. visiting new places and doing new things.

I recommend this strategy if you need a true rest. And thanks to the fact that I reset my mind, it makes room for something new 🙂 Among other things, I have had a very interesting series of dreams!


💛 💛 💛
Have you also dreamed the same story for years? That every now and then the same dream returns, in a slightly different version?
At various stages of my life, I had a dream about being back at school and having to pass an exam. Usually, it was a maths exam (yuck !! as my child says). The mood of these dreams was always similar: anxiety, stress, a strong feeling of being unprepared and expecting failure…

And this summer I’ve had a new turn in this story. In my dream, I watched students during the exam session. Tension, stress, anxiety. Some of them passed, and some did not. While observing all this confusion, I realized that I somehow I was not nervous. I thought maybe I would be in the next round…

But then I realized that I didn’t have to pass anything anymore! I had done all my exams already and… I didn’t have to prove anything anymore. This stage was behind me. I was ready to move on. Actually, it’s been a long time now!

I’m telling you all this dream-story of mine because it applies to all of us. If you are on my mailing list, it means that:

❤️ you deeply care about relationships with others,

💫 you want a release from anxiety and old mistakes,

💫 you’re committed to lead a conscious life.


And today my message to you is this:

you are much further than you think!
You are stronger. Smarter. More loving and creative.
And you can act at a higher level.

Don’t waste your time, don’t wait until your ego
will give you permission to go – that will never happen.
Don’t ask anybody for permission.

You are already there!
And the rest is a matter of practice.


💛 💛 💛
I have three brilliant and inspiring examples for you.
The three women, like you and I, (sorry, gentlemen, today only women) have lost interest in the common illusion that makes us believe that we are small and what we do doesn’t matter. And they have just gone out to the world:

❤️The first of these – Marianne Williamson – is a presidential candidate in the U.S. and the only person running in the elections who has the courage (and program) to unapologetically promote a radically different vision of politics, based on fundamental humanitarian values: caring for the weakest members of the community in the first place, i.e. children, the poor, the injured, the elderly; taking responsibility for past errors (reparations); focusing on peacebuilding, not just investing in war preparation (Department of Peace); blocking the flow of money from corporations to politics (deep corruption); investing in a dignified life and development of every citizen (universal and minimum salary). Everything we absolutely don’t associate with the modern political game.

If you want to see what the future politics will look like, based on love, not on short term profit, see her website: and pass it on. And if you feel so, consider a donation.


The second of them – Amy Porterfield – has created from scratch a multi-million dollar online business in ten years, helping novice entrepreneurs, step by step, creating their dream and profitable businesses, and above all fighting for their freedom and the life they want to lead. Amy’s is a world-level expert in creating online courses, building a highly engaged email list and webinars. She offers exquisite! free Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast. Read the brand new interview with Amy that she has recently given for Forbes (click HERE). And if it inspires you, please share it.

❤️The third person is Glennon Doyle, who has created the online charity organization “Together Rising”, which is based on small individual donations of people like you and me, and which helps children, single parents, homeless teenagers and adults, entire communities, etc. and not only in the US. Recently, she organized a fundraising campaign for legal aid for children of immigrants evicted from the U.S. Children from small babies till teens are locked up in camps on the southern border of the U.S., remaining separated from their families, without proper care and in difficult conditions.

See how literally we can change other people’s lives: If it moves your heart, please donate or spread the message.

Thank you for being a part of this community and for your caring. Please leave your comment below.